Who We Are

The Palm Free Council was founded in 2017 to raise awareness of the devastating effects the oil palm industry is having on the rain forests of SE Asia, the species who live there, human rights and our atmosphere. We believe consumer commitment to zero deforestation will halt our over reliance on a natural oil that is responsible for emissions rivaling those of fossil fuel combustion. We believe manufacturers claiming to use “sustainable” palm oil are misrepresenting the current state of oil palm production and denying the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Financial and societal pressures have proven successful in reducing deforestation rates in Brazil and we believe those same methods can work here in an industry that has been devastating the environment for over 20 years. Please help us spread the word.

Palm Free Council Standard

Every raw material used in Certified Palm Free products has been verified with the chemical manufacturers to be free of palm, palm kernel oils and their derivatives. The immediate goal of our campaign is to raise awareness surrounding the devastating effects of the palm industry’s current harvesting practices. We believe the resulting financial pressure will compel governments and certifying bodies like the RSPO to make serious and verifiable commitments to protecting the rainforests, its species, indigenous people and repairing the damage that’s been done. Lastly, we want to see an end to trafficking and child labor on palm plantations. Our greatest hope is that the Palm Free Council will be out of business in less than 10 years. You can make this a reality by committing to buy certified Palm Free products.
Remember to look for our seal.


The Palm Free Council is a 501©3 (EIN 82-2964754) non-profit corporation that is committed to building chemical supply chains and promoting verified palm free consumable goods that do not inadvertently support deforestation, species endangerment, destruction of high carbon value resources like peatland, or use forced or child labor. Your tax deductible donation helps us to expand our education and outreach programming as well as support various charities that we think are invaluable in exposing and repairing the damage being done to our environment. The Palm Free Council offers the only verification and labeling of finished goods made with raw materials that are free from palm/palm kernel oils and their derivatives. Thank you for your commitment to true sustainability!

Levels of Certification

100% Palm Free Label

Palm Free

Kicked the habit!
This seal is renewed every two years once the palm free status is re-verified.

75% Palm Free

Almost there
For brands that are 75% to 99% palm free
This seal is only good for two years

75% Palm Free
50% Palm Free Label

50% Palm Free

Getting close
For brands that are 50% to 74% palm free
This seal is only good for two years

25% Palm Free

Making it happen
For brands that are 25% to 49% palm free
This seal is only good for two years,

25% Palm Free Label
Future Palm Free Label

Future Palm Free

For brands that intend to be palm free
This seal is only good for two years
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Why the Gradations?

Large brands simply cannot change raw material sources overnight. Formulation work must be done, stability testing performed, labels need to be changed and old product must be moved out. Raw material suppliers can’t scale up production to the levels needed by global brands overnight either. Changes of this scale require commitment, patience and time.