Carbon Dioxide from Burning
1 Gallon of Biodiesel from Palm Oil vs 1 Gallon of Gasoline

Known Values:

The production of 400,00 kiloliters (kL) of biodiesel requires about 410,000 metric tons (MT) of crude palm oil.1
Approximately 100,000 hectares (ha) of palm plantations are needed to yield that volume of palm oil.1
Primary rainforest was calculated to release 610 megatons (MT) CO2/ha. Peatland was calculated to emit 6,000 MT CO2/ha.2
About 19.6 pounds of CO2 are produced from burning a gallon of gasoline.3


610 MT CO2/ha x 100,000 ha = 61,000,000 MT CO2
61,000,000 MT CO2 gets evolved to produce 400,000 kL of biodiesel.
61,000,000 MT CO2 = 1.3448 x 10 11 pounds of CO2
400,000 kL = 1.0567 x 108 gallons of crude palm oil (CPO)
(1.3448 x 10 11 lbs CO2)/(1.0567 x 108 gal CPO) = 1272.644124 lb CO2/gal CPO


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