Palm Free Council US Programs

The overall objectives of the programs listed below are to raise awareness among the American consumer of the ecological and social devastation occurring due to the cultivation of oil palm in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as encourage a market that sustains chemical supply lines not involved in deforestation or human rights violations.

Product Certification

  • Purpose: Certify finished goods as being free from palm oil and palm oil derivatives.
  • Activities: The Palm Free Council will work with raw material suppliers and finished product manufacturers to obtain origin statements for all ingredients listed on product labels and verify these materials are free of palm oil and palm oil derivatives. Certification will be monitored on a biennial basis. Certified products will contain the Palm Free Council seal which lists the web address, where consumers can go and learn more about the effects of oil palm, our programs and other palm free products currently on the market.
  • Justification: The US consumer is largely unaware of the global effects oil palm has had and is having on our planet. Finished product manufacturers (ie-Unilever, L’Oreal, Nestle, Mars) claim to source sustainable palm oil or source from fully traceable supply streams. Unfortunately, those responsible for certifying sustainable palm oil (ie-Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) have been connected to child and forced labor, disregard of land rights and the clearing of primary forest and peat land, which is a major contributor to what some are calling the 2nd mass extinction. Traceability also has limited meaning when traceable supply streams are connected to human rights violations and environmental crimes. The Palm Free movement applies social and financial pressure to producer countries as well as global brands who profit off the use of this inexpensive material but do little for the people and environment of supply countries.

Speaking Engagements

  • Purpose: To inform chemical industry professionals, brands and finished product manufacturers how their raw material choices effect our planet. Raise awareness of palm free certification and the availability of alternative chemical supply streams. We also seek to raise awareness among consumers thereby encouraging social pressure to evoke change.
  • Activities: Speak at industry events as well as various community events and make direct calls on beauty brands that can help to grow the Palm Free movement by certifying their products or contributing to our efforts on the ground in Indonesia.
  • Justification: According to the leading global market research firm of consumer goods (Mintel), natural claims are one of the leading influencers of consumer behavior today. Palm oil falls under the cover of the natural market so it often escapes scrutiny. Natural origins and the low cost and wide availability of palm oil have allowed this material to dominate the chemical market even though there are many other options not connected to environmental atrocities or human rights violations that can easily replace it.

Earth X

4/26-4/28 Fair Park in Dallas, TX
Booth Location: 5031 (Centennial Building)

The effects of Oil Palm Expansion on biodiversity
4/26 at 2:15 in Centennial Exhibit Hall on the EdTX Talk Stage

Palm Oil Is Everywhere, What You Need To Know
4/28 at 1:30 on the Green Speaker Series Stage

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Beauty Industry Liaison

  • Purpose: Serve as a liaison between large brands and smaller, independent brands wanting to enter the palm free market and chemical manufacturers wanting to supply that market.
  • Activities: : Utilize industry contacts in the chemical and cosmetic and personal industries to find sources and customers to achieve reciprocal agreements and encourage the development of deforestation free supply streams that also respect human rights and do not use child labor.
  • Justification: The Palm Free market is a viable yet fledgling market that requires the assistance of sales and marketing toraise awareness of consumer demand and the potential of this market.

501©3 Registered Corporation

  • As a 501©3 corporation (EIN 82-2964754), all donations to the Palm Free Council are tax deductible.
  • 90% of our donations go directly to our Indonesian partner foundation.
  • No salaries are taken by administrative staff at the Palm Free Council.